Five types of sliced cured meats on a circular wooden board. Six clay dishes, two containing pickles, 2 of chutney and one each of olives and sundried tomatoes. Four slices of sourdough bread and an array of crackers.
The British Charcuterie Box

The British Charcuterie Box

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 So What's In The Box?

We carefully hand cut & wrap all of our ingredients before packing our boxes with everything you need to build your perfect board at home!

Vegetarian? Then you're in the wrong place. This one goes out to all the meat lovers…

5 of our favourite British Cured Meats;

Black Pepper Salami - Sweet Smoked Paprika Chorizo - Air-Dried Ham - Venison with Green Peppercorns - Pork Collar

For full descriptions of these items click here.

Medium: 12 x Chorizo, 12 x Salami, 5 x Air-Dried Ham, 6 x Venison & 6 x Pork Collar - perfect for a meal for two or a graze with friends (as shown in image).

Large: 24 x Chorizo, 24 x Salami, 10 x Air-Dried Ham, 12 x Venison & 12 x Pork Collar - a real show stopper & perfect for small parties.

(No. of slices per meat can vary depending on weight - all vacuum packed)

+ Lots of little extras;

Marinated Italian Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes & a selection of both our ‘Classic’ & ‘Spicy’ Pickle mixes.

Reet Yorkshire Tomato Chutney & Red Onion Relish.

Gourmet Crackers.

Delivered straight to your door, with a 24hr tracked courier service.

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We may sometimes need to make substitutions for the products you select, but will always strive to be as close to what you order as possible.