Mindflayer - Thiccc Sauce

Mindflayer - Thiccc Sauce

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Dill Pickle Jalapeno CBD Infused Hot Sauce 100ml

Mindflayer is a green jalapeño forward hot sauce heavily seasoned with dill, pickled to the 9s & infused with 200mg of full spectrum CBD bringing you a sauce to enjoy daily to help relax & keeping you feeling zen 🙏🏻 💆🏼

This sauce is here for everyone to enjoy whether you use CBD products or not. Expect a mild tangy pickle flavour and a strong herbal dank aroma throughout 



Thiccc Sauce creates small batch sauces handmade & hand waxed from Leeds, Yorkshire.

Vegan Friendly & Gluten Free

***Purchasing this products means you are agreeing to being over 18 years of age***

The FSA recomends no more than 70mg a day(about 28 drops of 5% CBD) for an adult consumer. Please consult your physician before use of any CBD products.
We strongly advise against the use of cannabis oil (CBD) during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.