Mustafa - Chipp Coffee Co.

Mustafa - Chipp Coffee Co.

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Mustafa - Colombia Washed, Wholebean 250g

Roast Profile: Medium

This coffee has had a double fermentation along with an extra 24hr fermentation after washing and depulping, making this a super clean, sweet and creamy coffee, perfect for espresso! The amazing attention to detail and passion behind this coffee and the people who have produced is why this coffee really holds a special place for me.

Chipp Coffee Co. was started in 2016 by Zach as a company to run coffee roasting consultancy and his own one off small batch roasting projects. After 3 successful years working with coffee brands around the world and setting up a new base in his hometown of Leeds, Zach decided to go full-throttle with his own speciality coffee roasting business.