Salami Crisps Cheddar 25g - Buck'n'Bird

Salami Crisps Cheddar 25g - Buck'n'Bird

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Delicious salami enhanced with the UK's favourite - CHEDDAR.

We crinkle cut our crisps to ensure the best possible results. Air dried not fried. 
Buck'n'Bird was founded by Hamish and Andrew, who met working together and quickly became friends after discovering their love for having a beer or two. While traveling, they had the idea for a meat crisp, as a way to keep them both happy while drinking. Hamish was a passionate advocate of the low carb Keto Diet, and Andrew ordered crisps at every bar they went too. And so, Buck'n'Bird was born.

We use 246g of quality salami for every 100g of BucknBird crisps.

Gluten Free. Keto Friendly. Protein Rich.

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