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Salted Honey - BeeHype Honey

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Enjoy the classic salted caramel taste without all the refined sugars and saturated fats inside! This award-winning treat is made with just 2 ingredients – heavenly wildflower honey and the finest Alpine rock salt. With 0g of fat and 40% fewer calories compared to traditional salted caramel spreads, this indulgent honey is delicious, healthy, and diet-friendly!

Salt and honey work together really well and create an exquisite extra layer of flavour to your meals. Stir gently and drizzle on ice cream, pancakes, overnight oats, peanut butter toast, crackers, and more. It’s also an excellent ingredient for home baking – try it with cakes, brownies, and tarts.

Or, like the Great Taste Awards judges suggested: “It’s fun even thinking what you might do with it, apart from eating it by the spoonful from the jar – with biscuits, on ice cream or with sourdough toast.

Refined sugar and dairy-free, suitable for vegetarians 



Raw Wildflower Honey (99.6%), Alpine Rock Salt (0.4%)

Allergens are highlighted in bold

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