Gochujang Korean Hot Honey - Wilderbee

Gochujang Korean Hot Honey - Wilderbee

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We brought you the UKs first Hot Honey.. now we’re dropping a WORLD FIRST with our Korean style Gochujang Hot Honey!

We infuse our organic wildflower honey with scotch bonnet chillies combined with a blend of traditional fermented Korean Gochujang for a sweet, spicy, umami kick that you’ll want to drizzle on your wings, BBQ, fried chicken, tacos, pizza, cheese.. EVERYTHING!

The UK’s original Hot Honey. Created in 2014 by food truck chef Dan Shearman.



Organic Wildflower Honey (79.98%), Gochujang (20%) (red pepper paste (4%), Gochujaru red pepper flakes, salt, garlic, onion, water, corn syrup (4%), brown rice (4%), water (2.4%), fermented soybean paste (soybean, water, salt), isomalto oligosaccharide, glutinous brown rice flour, yeast extract, fresh scotch bonnet chillies.

Allergens are highlighted in bold